reg the veg

My journey to and from work at the museum takes me past this wonderful fruit and veg shop.

Reg the Veg.

Reg has got most beautiful shop and knows how to display his wares.  It is such an inspiration of colour and variety in the produce.

If I was to own a green grocers I would take my inspiration from him.



lou said...

Hey I know where this shop is. Amazing dhalias there in late summer. Great photos. Lou x

Karen said...

I found you through Lou's blog welcome to blogging. I am very new at it too. Absolutely love the look of your work and your great photos.

HannahB said...

wow this is surreal, this is the name of my vegetable patch! (it has since withered, and is waiting to be reborn, but the name remains!)

Lovely blog!

Kat - Housewife Confidential said...

I adore Reg the Veg - wish I lived nearby so I could shop there :)