Relaxing printing

After a couple of weeks where any printing I did had to be spot on and perfect it's been great fun to print a whole batch of new cards, where the print has to come out well, but hopefully nobody is going to be using a magnifying glass to check for imperfections!!

A very satisfying pile of cards resulting from  a few hours of work with my roller and my burnishing tool - hurrah.  They are off to a couple of galleries now (and not a heart in sight...)


Leeds Print Festival 2015

Some of my lino prints are heading off to the Leeds Print Festival this week, including this huge flock  of swallows.   They are going to be at the Leeds Gallery, Munro House if you are near by.

It's taken me ages to get them all into their pyjamas, they are such a twittery, flittery lot but finally they are packed and ready to go, wearing a mixture of floral, stripes, pacman and some very trendy triangles.

Really excited to be following along after them, but I'll have to wait until the end of the month as the postman won't take me, and actually my pyjamas are a little shabby in comparison (hmm, should I wear my PJs to the Print Festival so that everyone knows that I belong to my work?  *wanders off pondering....*)


Pigeons and pigeons and pigeons

I did resist the call of lino cutting on Christmas day itself, but managed to tuck in a few little sessions over the last couple of weeks, so now I'm having the fun of a new year printing week!!  Hurray.

What better way to begin a year than by creating your very own giant flock of pigeons?  I really can think of no better one...but that is probably just me.

I know lots of people design clever interlocking blocks in order to print lovely things like wallpaper and curtains, but I'm starting to think that carving one really huge lino block the size of an entire curtain might be a possibility...is that too obsessive?