Do you want to see some process?

 I could have called this post ...'progress' instead of 'process' , but progress is all relative isn't it!  So it's process instead.

My main process is carving out lino, for a lot of time, in a happy bubble of my own.  And that is nearly enough in itself....but I do like printing too.  Above is a picture of a just inked 'new' print - such a glorious moment in any piece of lino's life.  This happens to be of a ferocious cat intent on destruction, but it could just as easily have a been a sweet kitten, slightly bedraggled by a Spring shower.

My second main process is looking through drawers to find the piece of lino I now need to print and that I do know is there.  Somehow there isn't a logical filing system for multiple pieces of grey lino, all living in sets of grey drawers - should it be by size/species/age/weight?  I just don't know, but looking through drawers is a big part of my week!