Such a great time of year here, when all the birds start flying in for winter!  Geese are back :)  Time for the starlings to go, but they are still here, lining up on the roof top chittering and chattering...

I need to restock some of my prints and it would be great to do it this week ready for a break and a pause, but maybe the pause has started already!  See you in 2017.


Best Seller!

In the Autumn I always sell lots of local prints, great as pressies for anyone with a Bristol connection, and this year has followed that pattern...

The next best seller has been the lino print above - Three foxes at the Disco
Perfect for groovy dancers!


Pecking - lino print

Well here is a little lino print I had a lot of fun doing...
Birds - tick
Pecking birds - tick
Whole flock of them - tick

I'm going to have to put it in my Folksy and Etsy shops right away :)  Race you there...


Pop-Up lino printing shop

Hurray, my Pop-Up shop in Bristol is now open :)

It's in The Galleries Shopping Centre right on the top floor & I've filled it up with lino prints, tea towels, tote bags, handprinted cards, gift tags, pencil cases, notebooks and lots of other things too :0)

It even has a jolly big sign with my name on it above the door - how exciting....

The shop is open everyday until the end of 13th Nov so if you can, pop in!


Lots of handprinted bits and bobs...


...and some laser cut birds too!  So excited to have my lino printed birds turned into a lovely wooden flock.  That is my week filled up now, playing with wooden birds :)

Several of these printed goodies have found their way into my Folksy shop so you can always pop over there if you would like to!


It's a pop-up!

If you are in Bristol then you really will be able to find me in The Galleries for two weeks starting on 31st October, all the way through til the 13th November.  Hurrah!

It is a little nook on the top floor right past TKMaxx on the way to the Car Park.

I am planing to fill it up with lino prints, tea towels, canvas bags, cards, gift tags, beer mats, pencil cases, kindle cases - what else can I print on?

You are of course most welcome to pop in to my pop-up nook :)


Little images in lino....

Lots of little images which I thought you could have a look at :)


Black headed gulls

It's so definitely time to get to the beach everyone - these Black headed Gulls Beachcombing have got exactly the right idea :)