See you on the other side...

Isn't it the greatest feeling, the switch over into holiday mode!

I've done it today (although I have a little more work to do, but I'm good at pretending) and suddenly I can ignore the blustery weather and list of things I could do to 'get ready' for Christmas and instead look forward to the company and outings and feasting and playing that's about to happen.

I'm most looking forward to dragging a pack of reluctant children out for a walk when they would rather be in with their new 'stuff', one of the little pleasures of being a grown-up, and knowing that they will enjoy it really, even though they pretend not too...and walking time is such valuable chatting time, so they must come along in order to let me know what is going on with youths these days.

Last year I got new lino tools for Christmas, will I be so lucky again?

I've had a perfectly busy lino print time this autumn, so thanks to everyone who has bought a print or attended a workshop and although I have developed a slight parcel tape allergy, I hope to do it all again next year.

Due to the amount of packaging and paperwork I've done recently I am also secretly hoping to get a bit of quality lino cutting time in over Christmas, but I'm not sure whether that is socially acceptable - I'll let you know how it goes in the New Year...and it's so nearly the year of the Horse, yipee...


Print Christmas in Bristol this weekend

The last of the workshops I'm teaching this year has a couple of spaces still available if you fancy a creative break at the weekend - leave the errands and crowds behind and come along to Makers in Bristol on Saturday morning, where we will be printing Christmas...

Last week we made hundreds of cards, bunting, gift tags and printed wrapping paper and it all looked so colourful and festive and a good, messy and productive time was had by all (and we had chocolate brownies NOT mince pies).

If you fancy it book HERE.