August lino printing round-up

I had so much fun having my lino prints up at No 1 Harbourside in Bristol for a month - the best people work there and so many folk popped in to say Hello to my lino prints, it was completely brilliant.

I have spent most of the month trying to re-organise my studio space too, whilst working on prints at the same time.  That hasn't gone well, I've moved things around countless times but the piles of books, paper, supplies, dull paperwork, sketchbooks etc haven't diminished in size.  I know it will all fit into the little space in a sensible way, so more effort needed!  That's so hard in the summer...

I've listed a couple of new prints in the Etsy shop too, you might have seen them before, but this is the first time they can be on-line ordered, so hurrah :)