framing and framing

I've been framing (assembling, someone else made the frame bits - I just do the cleaning up, putting in, taping down, adding fixings, undoing again to get that stray bit of fluff out, putting back in, taping back down, re-doing the fixings and final polish up...).

It is fair to say that it has taken me a long time!
But that means there are also a lot of pictures now in frames.

One boxful went off this morning as a mini-exhibition and some of the others will go up later in the week ready for our local arts trail and the local exhibition I'm in for the rest of the month.


Practical tasks ticked off the list - back to doodling now.


May excitements!

I love a busy month!  May is it, every year!

I am being pulled towards the allotment, I just want to go and plant things, it really is compulsive and it is a great time of year to spend alot of each day outside.  I know there are lines of bunnies, pigeons and slugs watching my every move, but for an hour at least order and abundance remains...

It is also the month of our local arts trail which is always a blast, with music, art and food featuring all around the area, and this year our venue is letting us turn the weekend into two weeks, so we are having a 'real' exhibition alongside it - hooray...

You can see the giant poster already, so I will only say that I'm very excited, as there is going to to be some pretty fab work and I love hanging out with all these folk, so what a great excuse to do so.