mud and rain

This week is most certainly a vegetable week as I haven't actually finished my winter digging yet.  Is it still winter?
I'm currently using the car as a mobile potato chitting shelf as the seedling table in the house is now covered with baby tomatoes and brussel sprouts (number one vegetable in our house) and so a backlog is developing.
I think the fact that I can no longer offer anyone a lift because the potatoes are using the seat could suggest to some people that I have a problem, but it is one which can only be solved by digging the potato patch, so that is what I have been doing...in the rain.


sunshine award

Long, long ago, way back in March, the lovely Floor Number Four passed on a Sunshine Award to me...hurrah hurrah.  

Now that the rain is back in the UK and we have started burning logs again I think it is time to spread the glowing golden rays to:

Now I have to answer the questions...

+  Favorite Colour: 
   Grass Green
+  Animal: 
   Hippo.  I don't know why, but it's been like that since I was about 8.
+  Non-alcoholic drink: 
   Anything with ginger.
+  Facebook or Twitter
   Neither.  Am I missing out on everything??? 
+  Getting or giving presents
   Giving is better, but a just right suprise pressie can not be beaten.  How did they      know?
+  Flower:
   Anything that is not yellow at the moment - daffodil season is just finishing...
+  Pattern
   Small.  But bright is fine.
+  Passion
   Lino.  Seedlings. Hungarian folk music.  It will be different tomorrow.
+  Number


ten days off!

I've just taken ten days off.  What a great idea, I must remember to do it again.  No computer.

Instead I have done a lot of reading, sorting, digging, sowing, pottering, drawing, lamb cuddling, eating, painting (houses not great art...), visiting, looking, walking and sitting.   Aaaaaah.

Now I feel really refreshed and I have got more ideas for lino prints than I can fit in and I'm not going to write them all down as the best and biggest ones will surely rise to the top!


luminous lino loveliness...

I spent a  really exciting day teaching lino printing at Paper Village in Bristol this weekend.  Lots of people trying printing for the first time, hopefully leaving with lots of ideas and inspiration and also a brave group who I pushed into doing reduction lino prints (where you gradually carve away more and more of your lino block as you add colours, until there is almost nothing left, so no going back!).  With a bit of brain stretching as they worked out where to start and a race against time in just a three hour session some great prints were made and hopefully the seeds of some fabulous future lino prints sown...

My terrible photography means that I can't show everyones work, so sorry if yours hasn't appeared here!

 Lou did pretty well to get her printing done while taking great photos of the morning session though so you can see lots of those prints here...

Reduction printers hard at work...