sunshine award

Long, long ago, way back in March, the lovely Floor Number Four passed on a Sunshine Award to me...hurrah hurrah.  

Now that the rain is back in the UK and we have started burning logs again I think it is time to spread the glowing golden rays to:

Now I have to answer the questions...

+  Favorite Colour: 
   Grass Green
+  Animal: 
   Hippo.  I don't know why, but it's been like that since I was about 8.
+  Non-alcoholic drink: 
   Anything with ginger.
+  Facebook or Twitter
   Neither.  Am I missing out on everything??? 
+  Getting or giving presents
   Giving is better, but a just right suprise pressie can not be beaten.  How did they      know?
+  Flower:
   Anything that is not yellow at the moment - daffodil season is just finishing...
+  Pattern
   Small.  But bright is fine.
+  Passion
   Lino.  Seedlings. Hungarian folk music.  It will be different tomorrow.
+  Number

1 comment:

Floor Number Four. said...

Hippos are cute, as long as you don't have to meet them in person (then again not much chances of this happening)! And ginger is yummy!