chipping away...

I'm having a lovely couple of weeks at the moment,  carving my way through a big pile of lino.

It's turned into a strange sort of game - I'm not going to do any printing until all the images are cut.  No one else knows I'm playing the game and I'm sure no one else would find it fun, but it's very satisfying having lots of 'nearly' prints piled up.

When I do start printing it means that I'm bound to be happy with some of them even if a few are not quite how I imagined.  

Once again a lot of them seem to be of birds too - how does that keep happening??


skateboarding, not drawing

Half term holidays started off low key -  mostly living on 'Sofa Island', with occasional trips through the shark-infested waters to get supplies from the kitchen.  Then we got skateboards and we haven't been home since.


14th feb

Just look at this goodie from the V and A.  We all know how hard hands can be to draw and I think these are fantastic.  They were drawn in 1676.



Over the years, when stuck for inspiration, I have always enjoyed a good scribble.

Most of my sketchbooks have scribble pages somewhere inside.
To add to my scribble delight I try to always have a huge range of different pencils around 9H-9B.
I really recommend it to anyone as it's very therapeutic and pretty freeing too, when you are trying to come up with that inspired idea.

This week I've taken the next step and started making lino cuts of scribble.

happy museum days

I spent Monday wandering around the V and A, which seems to me to be a very good sort of day to have.  A great insight into the weird and wonderful, beautiful and bizarre and functional and fantastical...


grumpy octopus

I've just relisted him in my Folksy shop.  I think he has every right to be grumpy too...