Over the years, when stuck for inspiration, I have always enjoyed a good scribble.

Most of my sketchbooks have scribble pages somewhere inside.
To add to my scribble delight I try to always have a huge range of different pencils around 9H-9B.
I really recommend it to anyone as it's very therapeutic and pretty freeing too, when you are trying to come up with that inspired idea.

This week I've taken the next step and started making lino cuts of scribble.


lou said...

would make great fabric. I can see it in cushion covers! Hope Jimmy gets better. Lou xx

Melanie Wickham said...

Thanks Lou, he's now sleeping through the afternoon ready to be up all night!

How about wallpaper?? I'm thinking here that I could just draw on the walls!

Lizeylou said...

We love a good scribble in this house too - but none of our scribbles are as great as yours.
And thought that I would let you know my son LOVES the bag that I won in your giveaway. He uses for his library bag at school and he likes that it carries so many books and that it has a bug on it - so thank you, we still feel very lucky!

sue bulmer said...

Melanie, email me. I'd love you to take part in my sketchbook feature over on my blog