christmas giveaway

Just take a look at all these lovely goodies that you could win!!  all you have to do is pop over to Little Green Shed and follow the instructions...well worth the effort if it means you might win ALL of these great things in one huge pre-Christmas bundle...worth the effort especially because you can choose any one of my tea towels to add to the prize - hurrah.


Maldon - the tea towel

I've had a lovely time designing a tea towel for Maldon in Essex and today the whole boxful are setting off for the tourist information centre in the town.  Maldon has everything - churches, boats, anglo saxons, swans and seagulls - what a great town!!

But wow, what a gloomy week - I really can't get a photo of the whole tea towel - one end is always lost in the mist when I try so I think it will be much quicker if you pop over to Maldon yourself and take a look at them in real life, is that alright?


birds advertising a workshop

I'm teaching another lino printing course in Bristol soon, if you fancy coming a long - just in time for printing your christmas cards/bunting/stockings (although Christmas printing is not required, if you want to print summer scenes or 50's patterns that can all be accommodated too!).  We can print on anything you'd like, just bring it along...and if you are an improver we can have a go at many coloured prints too if you like, just let Vic at Papervillage (0117 9639452) know if you've got something you really want to try!


November produce

It was so sunny and warm today that I ran off to the allotment instead of doing the things I was supposed to be doing (packaging things up - I'm not a machine...).

It occured to me whilst there that I am now harvesting loads more than I did all summer.

Today I picked:
Rainbow Chard
Peas (late sowing and they tasted bitter, but harvested they were)
Parsnips (big ones - hurrah - I couldn't wait any longer to look)
Alpine strawberries
Cape Gooseberries (not ripe and probably never will be as it was such a cool year, but maybe in the bay window...)
Grass and clover (for the guinea pigs, I'm not a forager)
Brussels Sprouts

and all the winter onions and garlic have started growing properly now, keep coming sunshine...


the insects are coming

I've just listed some insect prints in my Etsy shop  so if you haven't had a look there for a little while why not pop over and take a look....beetles, ants and moths have arrived today and they will soon be joined by some other many legged friends.

I find all these little mini beasts pretty fascinating and have filled a fair number of sketch books with insect and spider doodlings over the years.  I'm hoping that perhaps now they are about to become the next big thing...watch out insectphobes...but then again I got it so wrong with the goats...