November produce

It was so sunny and warm today that I ran off to the allotment instead of doing the things I was supposed to be doing (packaging things up - I'm not a machine...).

It occured to me whilst there that I am now harvesting loads more than I did all summer.

Today I picked:
Rainbow Chard
Peas (late sowing and they tasted bitter, but harvested they were)
Parsnips (big ones - hurrah - I couldn't wait any longer to look)
Alpine strawberries
Cape Gooseberries (not ripe and probably never will be as it was such a cool year, but maybe in the bay window...)
Grass and clover (for the guinea pigs, I'm not a forager)
Brussels Sprouts

and all the winter onions and garlic have started growing properly now, keep coming sunshine...


makey vicky said...

You're doing much better than I am!

...Tabiboo... said...

It is a lovely - muddy - place to be at the moment.

Just kale for us and lots of leeks. Oh and some fennel that I've been desperate to grow for ages...hopefully for the tasting soon as well.

Nina x