Maldon - the tea towel

I've had a lovely time designing a tea towel for Maldon in Essex and today the whole boxful are setting off for the tourist information centre in the town.  Maldon has everything - churches, boats, anglo saxons, swans and seagulls - what a great town!!

But wow, what a gloomy week - I really can't get a photo of the whole tea towel - one end is always lost in the mist when I try so I think it will be much quicker if you pop over to Maldon yourself and take a look at them in real life, is that alright?


Tracey said...

They look fantastic.

thelinencloud said...

Gorgeous ... you do a great sales pitch for Maldon :) ... Bee xx

Rainbow Vintage Home said...

They're great Mel. I know exactly what you mean about trying to take photos this week, it's been like living in a cloud! x