bird lino prints

I've been cutting out birds again...

I started with this small flock of starlings - they have flown off for their first outing to Ginger Fig in Taunton who are having a 'Birds and bees' exhibition at the moment...

...and I have now become somewhat Starling obsessed - after all they do appear in vast numbers, they need to be in huge flocks, thirteen is just not enough and I've given every single one a name as I carve it too!

So far there have only been tens of starlings on each piece of lino - I wonder if I could manage a hundred without going cross-eyed??


new cushion for the 'Chair of Luxury'

Does every house have a single sitting place that is the best?  Usually only big enough for one member of the household to use at a time, while the rest of us perch on hard wooden benches??  In our house the 'best' chair has recently been named 'The Chair of Luxury' and is a fiercely guarded prize if you are lucky enough to get it.  I think it's mine, but possession wins...

Today a new cushion arrived from this amazing lady and now the Chair of Luxury is glowing.  I love the cushion, it's adding extra zing, what a prize - and I really enjoy reading about life in the Arctic, because I cannot imagine all that dark and it really does stop me moaning about a slightly gloomy day, because at least I have daylight!

If you haven't had a look at Arctic Mom's blog you should, because the sun is back!


Dancing in the New Year

I've really enjoyed myself so far this year, but I am so very easily pleased!
New lino cutting tools for Christmas - yipee.

I'm trying to go slow in January, but it's not really working because I've spent the last few weeks thinking "I'll do that in January..." and now the list is long - all good things like days out in Bath and London and sitting on the sofa with a book and not moving until it is finished - far too much for one month.  Maybe I'll have a go slow season instead.

Above is a new little print that I made over Christmas 'Mini Cat Ballet'.  It's going to have a bigger friend soon too because now I can't stop drawing cats doing ballet...