printing with children

I've been monoprinting this week and it's been great fun.  I love this technique because a scribble looks great and so really young children and adults who say they can't draw can all go home with some great art!

The younger participants did some fantastic snow scenes/under water pictures and drawing around hand designs and the more experienced artists (but still under the age of 8) really had a great time and got very experimental by the end.  Who wouldn't want to take that elephant home?

Lets hope no-one wants to sit down this evening...



Here are some lovely spotty ladybirds that I printed a while ago, for no reason except to remind you about my insect giveaway, which ends at 12 noon on Friday, so just time for you to leave me an insecty comment!  Good luck.


weekend work

It was such a lovely weekend and we spent a lot of it at the allotment pottering around in the sunshine.  Several squashes that had been passed over as far too late to come to anything have managed to ripen themselves up nicely as well in this mild spell which is a great bonus - squashes are my main allotment obsession and nothing is more satisfying than not being able to carry them all home.

There is still time to enter my insect giveaway  which is running until midday on 21st October (I promise no live insects will be sent to you if you are the winner) so why not leave a comment there too?



Look it's my first giveaway!!  I'm excited and I can't even enter...

The giveaway is for this 'Dungbeetle' canvas bag - and who wouldn't want to put their shopping into a bag decorated with a ball of poo?

There might even be a couple of other insect related goodies tucked inside for the lucky winner.  All you have to do is leave me a comment (preferably with an insect related anecdote/fact/joke) and a winner will be chosen by the random method of a small child pulling numbers out of a hat (or more likely a bowl, but I'll leave the exact container a mystery for now...) on Friday 21st October.  How simple.

This is an insect giveaway though, so if you hate insects or have a phobia it may not be the giveaway for you...



lino blocks

I thought you might like to see the lino block for 'Cat on Stilts' (well the cat part of it anyhow).  It was one of the images on my previous post, so I wont put that up again, you'll have to scroll down...

Lino blocks often look pretty interesting to me, especially once they have been inked up and a couple of galleries have even asked me to frame up the block alongside prints for shows.  I never have though.  It is a great way of showing people how you make the print!  I was just sharpening up the cat fur in this picture which is why he's covered with 'bits'.

Next post is giveaway post, my first, how exciting.  A clue - it is going to be a useful insect...