Projects, lino cutting, print drawers

I've had a lovely couple of weeks lino cutting - a tricky map showing bird migration routes for a book, some more museum bird specimens and a couple of test blocks to try using with different inks. Ive been printing in copper and gold for a while, but really want to try out some different ink/paper combinations so I have been collecting papers ready - should be a fun experiment!

I've also had a great clear out/rummage through my print drawers, which meant I uncovered this little goat - one of my favourites.  It is definitely Spring Cleaning season around here.
My little goat lino print is hanging out in my Etsy shop if you want to pop over :)


Winter exhibitions

I've just collected unsold work from a few winter/Christmas shows, pop-up galleries and craft shows.

It has been such a fun season and it has been fantastic to have my lino prints mingling with some really great work from other artists at some great venues.  Highlights have got to be Present Makers at Thelma Hulbert in Devon, Bristol Bazaar and being part of the Co-Exist shop for the first time!  (Mainly because they let me come out of my studio to hang out with them for a bit) Thanks too to all my lovely stockists who have been working so hard all winter too :)

Lino printed birds

I've been doing a lot of drawing in a Museum store, focusing on the bird scientific study skins...
It's been the best as a way of focusing on drawing skills.  The images I am making are just slightly different to the Foxes at the Disco though!

Don't worry - a few animals having a boogie are bound to fight their way out soon.


Three Foxes at the Disco - lino print

Three Foxes at the Disco, they are ready for a great night out dancing!

It's nearly December which is definitely party season - and great to have a bit of shimmer to brighten up the Autumn gloom...

Leeds Print Fair

I had a stand at Leeds Print Fair for the first time this month and it was really fab.  Very busy and lots of interest in my lino prints which was great - also time for an amazing pizza, a French film at the lovely Hyde Park Picture House and a pit stop in a great house filled with amazing children's art...yeah!


Everybody at the table - lino print frenzy!

Due to having a long list of other things to do I have managed to get quite a few new lino prints started this month...the other things can go away :)

This one is now proofed and ready to go - I've called it 'Everybody at the table' and especially enjoyed cutting out tiny little guinea pigs.  We don't always keep ours on the table.


So good to be printing on a sunshine day - and it makes the gold ink on these little Bristol notebooks look really fab too!  Having a busy week stocking up for art trails, print fairs and topping up stock at some of my lovely galleries...