Things I've printed this week....

Only a few days in and already the May print production line has been in full swing!


Getting ready for our Arts Trail in May...

I've started framing a few pictures up to show at our local Arts Trail in South Bristol, which is coming up soon :)

The Southbank Arts Trail has been going for over a decade now, so quite a fixture and also a brilliant sociable affair - as always I have several new prints forming in my mind which I would love to have ready in time, but we will see....

The photo shows my print "Black Cat devouring a City".


The dogs are back!!

I've let some of my dog lino prints loose in my Etsy Shop again!!  They are well house trained, despite appearances I promise :)

...and if you are a dog owner I am sure you recognise the odd bit of dog behaviour here!


Prints and chatter

I've been fiddling.
Popping lino prints in frames, popularising the use of purple walls as a backdrop to photos, snapping snaps of said prints in frames and purple walls, you know the kind of thing....

The type of thing that can only be done on a sunny Spring morning.

It's a great pottering way to recover from a really busy start to the year :)

I spent a great few days in Wakefield at The Hepworth Gallery  in March - I love this Gallery!!  I even love its lockers, everything is just a yes!  They also had a fab Print Fair, which is obviously exactly my kind of thing and a great chance to chatter away to hundreds of printy folk for days on end.


New Bristol lino print

Work in progress...

A little skyline of Bristol has been emerging this week...
Hopefully a local would recognise a couple of the buildings, but that handy bridge is all you need to make it 'Bristol'!!

Tomorrow will be editioning day - I've stocked up with paper ready - nothing will stop me....


Three new lino prints..

....well, new to you - in my totally driven state of achieving at least 100 hours of solid lino cutting every single week I often forget that I have got a pile of new images that no one else has seen yet...

These have been seen by a few people who dwell in the real world though, and some people who flit around on Twitter will have seen corners and bits of lino blocks, but now they are here too, in blog world for you to see.

Wet Sparrow
Flock & Cat
Lots of Birds in Pyjamas

These are quite big (by my own personal scale of big, which finishes at 45 cm) and if I produce any that are even bigger I will have to start hand delivering them to galleries and customers....

I'm planning to lino cut a puffin looking out at an immense stormy sea for the rest of the month, should keep me mentally occupied for the remainder of February!!


Relaxing printing

After a couple of weeks where any printing I did had to be spot on and perfect it's been great fun to print a whole batch of new cards, where the print has to come out well, but hopefully nobody is going to be using a magnifying glass to check for imperfections!!

A very satisfying pile of cards resulting from  a few hours of work with my roller and my burnishing tool - hurrah.  They are off to a couple of galleries now (and not a heart in sight...)