New Three Hares lino print

I've just had a jolly old time making this big hares lino print!

My 'Line of Hares' (the smaller print) has been really popular and I have loved printing it, so I decided to play around with the scale a bit.  I'm so happy with the result as well.  I think of them as 'big' because I am so used to seeing my usual quintet, but they are actually about 16 cm high.  With so much more black in the image they are a little harder to print as i am still hand burnishing them, but definitely worth it.


Exhibition at Harts Bakery

So excited to have an exhibition on at the fabulous Harts Bakery in Bristol at the moment!  It runs until the beginning of February, so just time for a visit.  Lots of my lino prints framed, unframed, hand printed cards, tea towels and tote bags on show.

If you have never been to Harts then you should go...it is right next to Temple Meads Railway station and they make such good bread (and amazing cakes, and tasty coffee).

My advice if you are passing though Bristol by train is to hop off, rush to the Bakery, buy bread, cakes and coffee and then hop back onto the next train to your destination.  Don't forget to look at the art too :)

If you are nowhere near Bristol then my Etsy and Folksy shops are always open too...


Golden Pilea lino print

Really pleased with how my little Pilea friend is looking in gold ink on black Stonehenge paper.  The gold isn't glittery, its a lovely soft warm gold and seems to suit those lovely leaves perfectly.

It is in my little Etsy shop at the moment too...


Lino Print Exhibition

All hung and the show is open - if you are in Bristol it would be so lovely if you popped in and had a coffee/beer with my lino prints...

The Tobacco Factory - Bristol

Lots of birds and animals, a few of Bristol and also some of my new botanical lino prints are there too, so a good old mix.

If you can't get to Bristol then Etsy  or Folksy are good places for a browse too!


Lino Print Exhibition at Tobacco Factory, Bristol

Really excited to be putting an art show together for an exhibition at the Tobacco Factory in Bristol!

It will run from October 17th until November 27th and will be in The Snug, so a great excuse to go eat there, meet some friends, have a hot chocolate - I think I may end up hanging out there every single day :)

The really hard part is choosing which lino prints to exhibit, because I have been working on three new series of prints and want to show them all to everyone...but actually that would be a terrible, cramped mess so I had better get curating!

I really hope you can come and have a look at the show.


Drawing and printing plants

I have spent a few weeks drawing plants, all those amazing leaf and flower shapes, foliage shadows and criss-crossing stems and branches.  It's been fun.  Now I am trying to make some of the doodles and drawings into prints that show off the plant forms...

I do like taking a plant out of context so that you can really see its shapes (like this one above) as well as drawing/printing the whole tangled mass that exists in a garden.  We will see what happens...


Night Dancing lino print on Folksy

Happy to spot my 'Night Dancing' lino print on Folksy's Favourites list at the moment.  I love the idea  of pets getting up to things as we sleep (and we all know that they do!) and lets hope it is just a bit of harmless dancing...
It is fun printing this one too as I so rarely use blocks of tone in my lino prints, so a good dramatic area of black is good to see when you peel back the paper from the block.

Check out what else is on the Folksy list here (and take a look quickly if you want to see my kitties there as who knows when the Folksy team will find some new favourites!)---> FOLKSY FAVOURITES