Cat in a bubble bath

I like the idea of a cat having a bubble bath but I am well aware that in real life it really isn't going to happen!


Lino printing workshop the other day..

At the beginning of the month I spent a happy day running a couple of lino printing workshops at Papervillage in Bristol - oh what fun was had!!

Several people signed up for both workshops and so spent an entire Sunday lino cutting, which is a feat of endurance for the most seasoned printmaker, and they barely paused for a cup of tea so dedicated were they!

But hey, they left with bundles of prints and as some claimed to be complete non-arty beginners I think they did so well, many fine artworks completed.

What I always love is how unlike my work the work produced on courses I teach is!

Look at all the zingy colours...   makes me think I should try out something that isn't black... the image above worked brilliantly as a block for rolling 3 different colours onto one block - no aligning or registration needed here!

In the morning we did mostly one colour prints (to get everyone started as it was a complete beginners course and you really need to play about a little to find out what the tools do and how to ink up and how different papers can print) - in the afternoon everyone could go in a different direction, some choosing to do multiple blocks, one brave person went straight for a reduction print and others played around with multi-coloured inking to get the results they were after...phew.


Printed animal bunting...

We are nearing the end of our household birthday season - one left to go - but I think the mono-printed british wildlife birthday bunting may survive for a while yet!  Created for our Wildlife and Owl craft party...

How can we scrunch up those sweet little creatures??  

We can't recycle foxes...maybe they will have to stay up until Christmas!!



After two years of blaming the cloudy weather for my non-existent photos of artwork I've had to pretend to take an interest in taking some.

As I am sure is the situation with most people/artists there are only three places in my house which could be considered suitable for photographing and these places are usually covered in piles of important reference material/paints and inks/cups of tea and work in progress.

The only place available today also has a purple wall.

Not the subtle grey/purple of the magazines....


A film of a Printmaking show - whatever next...

If you like films of galleries and printmaking then this one is for you!

Some really great prints by some amazing folk in the current show at RBSA Brook Street, Birmingham, click here and you will see...


Print Biennial in Birmingham...

Print Biennial exhibtion

On now — 23 August 2014


Do you want to see some process?

 I could have called this post ...'progress' instead of 'process' , but progress is all relative isn't it!  So it's process instead.

My main process is carving out lino, for a lot of time, in a happy bubble of my own.  And that is nearly enough in itself....but I do like printing too.  Above is a picture of a just inked 'new' print - such a glorious moment in any piece of lino's life.  This happens to be of a ferocious cat intent on destruction, but it could just as easily have a been a sweet kitten, slightly bedraggled by a Spring shower.

My second main process is looking through drawers to find the piece of lino I now need to print and that I do know is there.  Somehow there isn't a logical filing system for multiple pieces of grey lino, all living in sets of grey drawers - should it be by size/species/age/weight?  I just don't know, but looking through drawers is a big part of my week!