displacement activities

I'm busy carving out a big lino block at the moment (big by my standards, not 4 meters square or anything astonishing like that) and so I am on the lookout for other things to do instead...like carving other smaller bits of lino.

This is a little picture of Bath (but you'll have to look at it in a mirror at the moment) which I am not going to print until I have finished the big lino block, even though I'm itching to see how it looks and think a bit of tweaking may be needed in the area in front of the Abbey...


come on February!

It's sooooo gloomy - but look, a tiny burst of sunshine crossed my drawing table.  I captured it in this blurry photo and plan to look at regularly for the rest of the week...

February has been a month of mega-germs for us, but being housebound for a whole month has meant a lot of drawing and making and thinking about drawing and making in between all the shivering and lying around.

Now I'm doing a lovely commission for a small town in Gloucestershire - I find cutting out lino churches very satisfying (almost as good as the cake from their farm shop which kept me going when I visited for a local tour)  and hopefully when all is finished a few locals will be able tell it's their town!

Now we just need some big sunshine to get everyone moving again...


fabric printing workshop

This is what I'm doing on 3rd March - if you fancy coming along give Vic a ring at Papervillage.

What I love most about lino printing is that you really can print on anything (maybe with the exception of family pets) and once you start printing on fabric it is very hard to stop...


fabric printing

If you need Volcano fabric for a half term project and none of the shops on your local High Street have any in stock the only answer is to print your own...must remember to buy an iron as well next time!



I really love extra super chunky marmalade and would put whole candied oranges on my toast in the morning if it didn't set a bad example to those around me...

Every year I make some marmalade in order to ensure my annual fix of super chunks - why does shredless exist?????

This year an ingenious super cook friend pointed out that you can cut the peel with a tiny biscuit cutter and have SHAPED ORANGE PEEL floating around in your jam pan.  It really works.  I am so happy.
It's unlikely that anything else as good as this will happen all month...

If you really love a marmalade lover you could use a heart shaped cutter - imagine their joy on 14th Feb - and imagine how it would look in a tiny little jam jar with a swish of edible glitter mixed in...

I can hardly believe it.

You've probably got a page of Pins showing this already, but it's news to me!


February Studio Sale

I'm having a sale in my Folksy shop - lino prints that need a new home.

Lots have been hiding at the bottom of my print draw, ends of editions, some printed long ago, not in my current range of prints in galleries, experiments and old favourites - time for a great big clearout and a February Sale!  

I've got more to add, but only so much computer staying power, so have a look at what I've added today and then I'll remind you to pop back in a week or so...

...I need those drawers emptying...so grab a bargain print while you can.