apple stars

Any excuse (but the weather's a great one) to dry things in front of the stove.  We have been drying all kinds of things recently, ranging from wet dogs to pants (fresh from the wash of course)...

Here are the off cuts from the apple rings, which dry very well but are eaten straight away so no real element of 'preserving' involved, more just scoffing.  As if there isn't enough of that going on already.

Anyway, I like my little apple stars.

Happy end of 2011.


nothing about Christmas here

I love a bit of Christmas fun and seasonal joy as much as anyone else, but I made a start on my Christmas cards and stock for galleries in August and this was the result of last weeks dressing up day at school.  I can't decide whether we are now getting ready for next Halloween or whether we are one season behind everybody else and will therefore be eating mince pies in April.

I was, however, very pleased with the puzzled looks from passing motorists as we strolled down to school in full 'mummy' costume on a day that the rest of the infant school were busy practicing to be sheep/angels/little donkeys.

I have a feeling that the class teacher may be having a quiet chuckle to himself as he sends the letters home, but will be looking forward to the next dressing up challenge...


lovely lino

 A happy weekend spent lino printing at Paper Village in Bristol with such fantastic results and lots of enthusiasam from all the participants!  Some people were very creative already, others claimed to be unable to even draw, but everybody got stuck in and we were all pretty impressed and even amazed with the prints by the end...

...a huge range of different inspirations and isn't lino just the best technique ever?  I love it, had you noticed...