Romans tea towel for Bristol Museum

I've just delivered a big pile of new tea towels to Bristol Museum and Art Gallery - yipee! (and then they tricked me into having my photo taken in the shop - I don't normally allow that to happen)

They are based on the 'Orpheus' Roman mosaic that was found near Bath when Brunel was busy putting the railway lines in.  The mosaic is on display at the Museum until the new year alongside a touring exhibition from the British Museum  - Roman Empire: Power and People and I've had a great time turning a three colour mosaic into a one colour lino print.

If you want to get your hands on one for a Roman loving friends birthday you will have to go to the Museum shop, but then maybe you should be taking that friend along for a look at the exhibition too!

We can't get enough of the Romans in our house this week as it is Romans dressing up day at school too so I really couldn't have been working on a better project...next up a flock of crows..better get cutting...


Great work workshoppers, here's more printing fun...

Big Print Day
Free printing activities for anyone, young or old, beginner or already printing...
at 1 Dean Street, BS3 on Sunday 29th Sept at 1pm
register here or phone Papervillage on 0117 9639452 if you want to come along - it's all free - mono printing, giant printing, leaf printing, printing with toys, messy printing, clean tidy printing, we'll print it all!

Photo taken by Makers

I also had a lovely time at Makers running a beginners lino printing course at the end of August -such a great group of workshoppers, who all got along really well and all produced great work, as prints and greetings cards.

I'll be back there on 1st of December to Print Christmas - printing cards, gift tags, wrapping paper, bunting, place cards etc using lino and rubber stamps and I'm sure we will have mince pies and mugs of tea (no alcohol whilst lino cutting, safety first, then festivities...) so sign up if you are free, it will be great fun.


little sets of handprinted bits...

I've been selling hand printed cards and labels and stationery for ages in the real world and in galleries and shops on actual streets, but not really online, so I thought I'd list a few things in sets as it really isn't worth anyone paying postage for one luggage label is it!  (Although they are pretty amazing luggage labels and I am very addicted to printing them...)

This little set has two hand printed cards that are 14 cm square, one tiny printed card (with little birds on it), two luggage labels/gift tags, one printed envelope and also a colour and size matched envelope for each card.  Wow.  That really is a set, I know.

You can find it here.  Take a look!


printing multiples

In the last week I have been cutting out a complicated lino block for a commission and in my sad world my way to relax and get away from it all is to do some printing.  I think I may need to broaden my horizons a little!

Maybe next time I could try a spa or even a walk along some stunning coastline or perhaps a little boat trip around the docks...

...but there is real satisfaction to a hoarding squirrel like me in printing a great big stack of labels, envelopes and cards with lots and lots of different images from my stack of lino blocks and seeing some old favourites again, the ones that just 'work' on the scale of luggage labels or little cards.  And even better, because these are not 'art' limited edition prints and the handprinted, rough and ready feel is just right I can print and print and print without worrying about the odd finger print or missed corner.