printing multiples

In the last week I have been cutting out a complicated lino block for a commission and in my sad world my way to relax and get away from it all is to do some printing.  I think I may need to broaden my horizons a little!

Maybe next time I could try a spa or even a walk along some stunning coastline or perhaps a little boat trip around the docks...

...but there is real satisfaction to a hoarding squirrel like me in printing a great big stack of labels, envelopes and cards with lots and lots of different images from my stack of lino blocks and seeing some old favourites again, the ones that just 'work' on the scale of luggage labels or little cards.  And even better, because these are not 'art' limited edition prints and the handprinted, rough and ready feel is just right I can print and print and print without worrying about the odd finger print or missed corner.

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Tracey said...

oh so very lovely....x