Woodland Quilts v. Scientific Quilts

This debate rages in our house!

Birthdays this year were deemed to be 'bedspread birthdays', but not everyone appreciates the delicate birds nest/oak leaf designs from Holly on Spoonflower so thank goodness for the single bed sized Periodic Table.

I like them both because the designs are so great that sewing in a straight line for a couple of hours results in a fantastic bedspread, with minimal effort from me, perfect! (Please don't comment re: the fact that the sewing lines illustrated aren't actually straight, thanks)


more girls with unusual pets

I showed you one of the prints from a series that I did called 'Girls with Unusual Pets' a little while ago, in this post here and while the series grows ever longer and the pets ever more unusual two of the pictures have found a home until the end of December at the RWA's 160th Open Exhibition  in Bristol, so if you are in the area and fancy seeing them in real life that's the place to go.


guess the location...

I've been working on a lovely commission recently, an image of a town in England.  Here's a tiny corner of it - I wonder if it's possible to tell where it is from this?  Probably not!  I wouldn't have been able to before I started on this little project...

Fingers crossed that those that commissioned can tell!!


nocturnal printing

I am a little bit nocturnal - although confusingly I also like to have a lot of sleep - and printing until late in the evening is often what I do.

In the daytime I am very easily distracted, by anything or nothing much, but in the evening there is less of that somehow...and then I can print until I am nearly asleep.

This week I have made a lot of cards (maybe 'lot' should be in capitals, because I mean a LOT) and I'll be dropping some off to Bristol Museum and Art Gallery to top up their shop and then posting the rest out to other galleries - happily not a single Christmas card is included...

By the way - have you spotted that I'm not using a press?  This lovely boxwood tool makes all my prints.  I think by now it could probably do them on it's own as we have made hundreds together, but I do still like to be a little bit involved.


...and the winner is...

It's so exciting picking out a winner!

I have really enjoyed reading everyones entries too, toys weird and wonderful and wild places that people love to visit or dream about, a couple of which have now been added to my very long list of places I really must get round to visiting...although Keith's gas pipeline will probably remain an undiscovered wonder - for my family at least.

I wanted to have a small ceremony marking the choosing of the winner and had noted Tracey's very successful use of a small, fluffy puppy for that task recently, however in the end I once again opted for the use of the Mystery Hand...

The winner is Elli Moody, who has choosen the picture of a Goat Reaching For a Tasty Leaf - hurrah!!!

The Mystery Hand also picked out a second place, which wasn't technically in the rules, but the Mystery Hand was very insistent, especially when it discovered that the second number chosen really likes Puzzlewood in the amazing Forest of Dean, a firm favourite wild place for the Mystery Hand, so The Pea Pod will be receiving a little packet of hand printed cards as a Mystery Hand Sponsored second placed giveaway winner.

Get in touch and let me know where to send your goodies winners!