nocturnal printing

I am a little bit nocturnal - although confusingly I also like to have a lot of sleep - and printing until late in the evening is often what I do.

In the daytime I am very easily distracted, by anything or nothing much, but in the evening there is less of that somehow...and then I can print until I am nearly asleep.

This week I have made a lot of cards (maybe 'lot' should be in capitals, because I mean a LOT) and I'll be dropping some off to Bristol Museum and Art Gallery to top up their shop and then posting the rest out to other galleries - happily not a single Christmas card is included...

By the way - have you spotted that I'm not using a press?  This lovely boxwood tool makes all my prints.  I think by now it could probably do them on it's own as we have made hundreds together, but I do still like to be a little bit involved.


Tracey said...

Good to see work in progress, wish I could be that productive in the evenings!

Jen said...

Hi melanie, came across your blog through Tracey's.. your prints are ace. Totally with you on the whole night time thing, it's the only time I EVER get to do anything! Lovely to see you printing and has got me a bit inspired to try my own x