Spring printing projects

I find the sunny, lighter days are perfect for a flurry of lino cutting activity...

In the past week I have lino cut the Teeny Tiny Bridge you can see in the photo, a flock of birds, an angry goose, an alien, a girl climbing over a mountain range and a herd of wild boar.

Next I need to print a whole lot of cards for our local arts trail in May, because that will be here in no time at all, lickety-split...


Lie On the Ground - lino cut print

A new lino print  One that has been simmering for quite a while now and has finally made it onto paper.  It has a friend too, but that one is still in a sketchbook.  I've popped it into my Etsy shop too :)

I was also pleased to carve all those little words without mishap - that doesn't always happen!


Not Blinking - lino cut

Hot off the press - well, wet off the press actually.  Oh, and I don't use a press at all, I hand burnish them all.

Here's my newest lino print 'Not Blinking'.

One of my favourite lino tasks is to cut out a whole lotta eyeballs, so this image is high on my list of good lino blocks to carve...

It's hanging out here at the moment if you want to look at it a bit more :)


Two Swans

Spring is so nearly in the air...
Time to gather up a huge pile of nesting material swans.  Last year we spent a bit of time watching a swans nest near to where we live and now, months later, I have finally got round to making a lino print of it  It's hanging out on Folksy too in my little shop, if you would like to visit :)


In orbit...

A little space boy and his alien friend - in lino at last, it's what we've been waiting for :)

Cutting tentacles out of lino is fun, I must attempt a creature with more tentacles than this....


Monkeypuzzle linoprint

I have been busy carving out zig-zags which is exactly my idea of fun....it has resulted in this rather shiny golden monkey puzzle tree which you can find living just here on Etsy


Printing copper birds

With copper ink rolled out for another project I had to have a little play around and these birds were very keen to be printed in copper - how could I say no?

Lots of birds feathers have a beautiful sheen to them, often almost metallic so it seems like the right ink to use...

Now I want to try all the other lino blocks I have in 'shiny' too!