Half term art work factory....

What a treat - half term!
I've forced children to spend hours wrapping pictures in cellophane and then brown paper and sticky tape...so now we celebrate with an outing to the post office.  They don't realise yet, but this is FUN.

Maybe I will let them out at the weekend, as there is a big family bonfire planned and there will even be sparklers...


New prints on Folksy

I spent a happy ENTIRE day playing on my computer and making pictures of pictures...
This now means that there are a whole flurry of new lino prints listed in my Folksy shop - huzzah!!

I'm sure I've forgotten to do a lino print of a very important animal, so am aiming to do one of everything, but seem to often get stuck on the bird section....oh well....


New lino prints about to hit the shop!!

I've been having a marvellous month of lino cutting and printing and in two weeks time I'll be filling up my Etsy and Folksy shops with the results.  That makes me feel like a proper shop-keeper!

I just want to do a couple more first - really keen to make a lino print of some bladderwrack, because it's such a lovely word, so maybe I'll do that this week.  (and it would surely make a fantastic christmas present??!!!  who wouldn't want a lino print of bladderwrack on their wall???)

Above is one of my faves, 'Feet in Shoes', but you are welcome to have your own fave....


Nest in an oak tree

An oak tree is exactly where I would build my nest if I had the skills to do it and needed somewhere to store a brood of hungry little birdies!

I wonder what's for dinner because they are looking pretty hungry.

Carving oak leaves out of lino is one of my favourite hobbies at the moment, they are creeping into lots of my pictures recently...