New lino prints about to hit the shop!!

I've been having a marvellous month of lino cutting and printing and in two weeks time I'll be filling up my Etsy and Folksy shops with the results.  That makes me feel like a proper shop-keeper!

I just want to do a couple more first - really keen to make a lino print of some bladderwrack, because it's such a lovely word, so maybe I'll do that this week.  (and it would surely make a fantastic christmas present??!!!  who wouldn't want a lino print of bladderwrack on their wall???)

Above is one of my faves, 'Feet in Shoes', but you are welcome to have your own fave....


Rainbow Vintage Home said...

Love this Mel! And love the idea of a bladderwrack print too...it's a great word, and a lovely looking plant. I look forward to seeing it!
Rachel x

Barbara Casillas said...

I love black and white lino prints, rather than adding color. The details really pop.