ten days off!

I've just taken ten days off.  What a great idea, I must remember to do it again.  No computer.

Instead I have done a lot of reading, sorting, digging, sowing, pottering, drawing, lamb cuddling, eating, painting (houses not great art...), visiting, looking, walking and sitting.   Aaaaaah.

Now I feel really refreshed and I have got more ideas for lino prints than I can fit in and I'm not going to write them all down as the best and biggest ones will surely rise to the top!


Rainbow Vintage Home said...

Sounds lovely, well done! Great photo. x

lou said...

OOOO plates! Very nice indeed! x

Saphy Daniels said...

nice plat selection, glad you had an inspiring break.

Melanie Wickham said...

They are nice plates aren't they. Washing up is such a joy in our house...although these particular plates are in my V&A in London town, we just love doing the washing up.