Leeds Print Festival 2015

Some of my lino prints are heading off to the Leeds Print Festival this week, including this huge flock  of swallows.   They are going to be at the Leeds Gallery, Munro House if you are near by.

It's taken me ages to get them all into their pyjamas, they are such a twittery, flittery lot but finally they are packed and ready to go, wearing a mixture of floral, stripes, pacman and some very trendy triangles.

Really excited to be following along after them, but I'll have to wait until the end of the month as the postman won't take me, and actually my pyjamas are a little shabby in comparison (hmm, should I wear my PJs to the Print Festival so that everyone knows that I belong to my work?  *wanders off pondering....*)

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I am inspired said...

Hi Melanie, I love your quirky designs. It's a bit far me to visit otherwise I would have loved to see your work. Hope it all goes well! Kirsten