my monochrome life

My lino prints are all black and white, my teatowels and canvas bags are all black and white, my walls are white and the floors are white and black (well dark grey really, but certainly not coloured!).  Even the things on the kitchen windowsill have all managed to be beige...there's a theme emerging here.

And today the sky has joined in after a lovely weekend of sunshine.

Thanks goodness for this lovely picture from Banwell Pottery in Somerset, which is not black, white and beige but full of colour!  I would love to live in a really bright colourful house (maybe the orange one in the middle) but would I be brave enough to do it to the outside walls??


Saphy said...

That is an amazing print! I love it. When we painted back of the house yellow it was a shock but looked great.

Melanie Wickham said...

That's a great idea, paint the back to see how brave you are feeling!!