getting carried away....

When I start printing it is sometimes hard to stop.  I tend to print in batches and do several prints from each lino block in one session - then I think 'oh, I'd better use up all that ink' and carry on and add in a few cards or little blocks that the children have designed or try a monoprint experiment...all great fun.  Then I have a problem - where do I put all these wet prints to dry for a couple of days when I'm printing downstairs and other people live in this house too! 

My solution at the moment is to balance prints along the tops of all the bookshelves, the record collection, the DVDs are perfect too, the record player is good and flat and so is the printer...lets just hope noone wants to read/listen or watch anything until the weekend.

I think a bit of rethinking may be inorder before long.


Saphy said...

some lovely cards there!

Feesey said...

I love this picture- I can hear you saying 'oh well, better better use the ink up!" I'm like that with wine!