lambs and bird beaks...

This time last week we were in the middle of a stay at this lovely place in mid-Wales...

roaming around, enjoying the freedom and the sunshine (so much so that we stayed for an extra day and missed a teeny tiny bit of school...).  

When we went inside the shed at the bottom of the hill this is what we found - 

lots of lambs, all raring to go in the spring sunshine and here being bred for their beautifully coloured fleeces!  

This weekend we have been much better behaved and promise to be at school on the dot of 9.00 am.

I spent some time today trying out some different framing ideas for pictures,

this is one I've had for a while, but it's made out of driftwood and has just been waiting for the right sized picture to appear - maybe this is it, but I can't help swopping things around...

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