National Beanpole week 23 April - 1 May

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It's national beanpole week on the 23rd April.  We’re all being encouraged to live more sustainably and during National Beanpole week, we are being asked to think twice about using imported bamboo canes, when setting up our trellises and wigwams this spring ready for your beans and sweet peas.

I for one (and most of my allotment site) are guilty of using canes, when we could choose locally grown hazel beanpoles cut from Britain’s coppiced woodlands. Monty Don on Gardeners World is always enthusing on the merits of hazel poles. They look gorgeous, rustic, and traditional.

Have a look at the website www.beanpoles.org.uk for more information on events and where to find a locally coppiced poles.

I am getting rid of my bamboo canes and the allotment, you should too!

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Saphy said...

I love the look of hazel poles, am looking to get some for the clematis in the garden the yellow starkness of bamboo really sticks out and jars against the eye. Also the ruggedness of the hazel makes it easier for climbing plants to get purchase.