cowparsley and prints

Too many holiday days and too much dry weather - I've started ignoring them all and have been printing away as May is a month of deadlines (although I could have done all the work in January if I'd been clever...).

The hedgerows have come to me though and several extravagant bunches of cowparsley have been picked.  I love it, it seems to have been in flower for most of my childhood, and what would look better in any serious flower arrangement?  Coupled with some heavyweights like roses it would add just the right amount of froth.

It does drop bits in my ink though and has now been removed to a safe distance...

I'm printing for the Affordable Art Fair in Bristol later this month and will show you the pictures that are back from the framers soon.

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mukup said...

Prints and cute illustrations! Balance is good. Prints may be enjoyed on New Year's postcards as a child, is a thing difficult. Please make it a lot. mukup!

Translation correct? I'm worried.