Lino Printing workshop - Bristol - 27/03/2020

Really excited to be hosting another lino printing workshop in my studio space in Bristol - this one is on Friday 27th March - and it is always lots of fun!

Here are the details:
We will try out the different lino cutting tools, materials and different inks in a step by step way so that you can explore the areas you are interested in. These are all provided in the ticket price.
These workshops are perfect for those who have no experience, those who haven’t made art-work since school, artists who would like to try printmaking, or anyone needing a bit of a refresher.
Feel free to bring anything for inspiration (sketchbooks, doodles, photos, etc) but I also have lots of things around that we can use as a starting point.
Tea/coffee, savory nibbles and cakes/biscuits all provided to keep energy levels up!

and here is the link to TICKETS if you fancy coming along

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