Fog bound photos

It is funny how once you have an idea of the shape your day will take it is so very hard to change plans completely!

I WILL take photos of tea towels and prints.  Just because there are 100 meters of fog rising above my house, which yesterday took until 4 o'clock to clear, and therefore no chance of any sun or even proper sunlight, I will not be put off!!

I really want a new set of photos of my lino prints - it's a hard thing to do, making a flat piece of paper look like an exciting must have product (well for me, you may find that is your natural talent).  I could just scan them, but where is the challenge in that?

Well, not put off until I see what the photos look like!  Ha!  Fog, you have beaten me.

I think I'll go and join the fog and play on the allotment instead today...

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Tracey said...

so love your animal characters