bird art on Etsy

Yipee - Etsy are using my Animated Birds as the example of lino prints on their 'Art' browse front page this week.

Each art form is represented with a bird picture this week, because really, you can't have too many feathered friends can you?


I promise in my next post to bring you lots of much, much older news (rather than this current up-to-the-minute stuff.  Lino cutting is meant to be about going slow and things taking as long as they take or even slightly longer than that, rather than keeping up with the internet and letting people know about things as they happen).


Rainbow Vintage Home said...

Ha ha I'm with you in the 'slow blogging' movement! Last month's news, today...well done for being featured on Etsy! xx

Tam Hess said...

So awesome...LOVE LOVE your little birdies. Thanks for sharing :)

Tracey said...

How exciting they look super. x