fabric block printing a dress

Last weekend I ran a workshop on block printing fabric at a Bristol craft shop.  As part of the workshop we collaborated on a block printed girls dress and it came out so well, I was really pleased with it!  The dress is still waiting to be sewn up but I couldn't wait to show you how the material came out, brightly coloured and with a rough 'nature' theme on unbleached cotton - perfect for a summers day... when we have one I'll post a piccie of the finished frock.


Tracey said...

very lovely.cant wait to see it finished.

Morag said...

I went on a lino printing workshop at the weekend, one of the questions was can you print on fabric? Yes it seems you most certainly can, fabulous. :)

the linen cloud said...

Oh how lovely ... can't wait to see the finished dress ... Bee xx