Vixen and cubs
 Nanny and kids

Goat reaching for a tasty leaf

I've just had a happy time printing a lot of new lino prints and so I thought I'd have a giveaway for followers of this exciting print blog to celebrate!

How can you resist?  Tell all your friends...

But you will have to earn a print if you want one followers - sorry.
I want to know three things first...

1. Which of the four prints above would you like to have if you are the lucky winner?
2. What was/is your favourite childhood toy and why? (Question stolen from small childs homework)
3. What/where is your favourite wild place?

Have you noticed that 50% of the prints you can choose from feature goats?  I am still pushing them as the next big thing...
Have a look in my Etsy and Folksy shops too as there are lots of other new prints there that have NO goats in them at all.

(Can I let you in on a secret too?  I can't do everything!
Lou from Little Green Shed has sorted out lots of my photos and images for me and they look SOOOO much better, thanks Lou - the bad ones are still all my own work...)

This giveaway has now finished.


The Pea Pod said...

Oh, they're so lovely it's hard to choose but I'm going to say 'Goat reaching for a tasty leaf'

My fave toy was a wind up robot(but I always wanted a toy shopping trolley with plastic food...never got it though).

My fave wild place has to be Puzzle Wood in The Forest of Dean (google it, it's a magical place you'll love it I'm sure)

Thanks for this giveaway, I'm going to add a link to it on my Drop the Weasel facebook page if that's ok x

Rainbow Vintage Home said...

Hi Mel, what great prints, and a wonderful giveaway.

I would choose Nanny and kids - if goats are the next big thing I don't want to be left out!

My favourite childhood toy was a cuddly owl, which Rufus now has - it's called Pingowl, cause some silly adults thought it was a Penguin, but it was always blindingly obvious to me that it was an owl.

My favourite wild place is probably Ashdown Forest in Sussex, which is near where AA Milne lived and was the inspiration for 100 Acre Wood, Winnie the Pooh's stomping ground. My godmother lives near there and I went there a lot as a kid. Loads of the trees got blown down in the 87 hurricane and it is really more like a heath than a forest - when the heather and gorse are in flower it is stunning.

Love the photos Lou's taken for you - you are such a talented pair! Rachel xx

Greenorchid said...

How fantastic... Nanny with kids would be my choice too...

Bit strange for some but my nightie case was mine... a grey fluffy poddle with a big space inside to hide things, she doubled up as a bag, hot waterbottle cover and went everywhere with me...

Just up the road is the beautful Kingley Vale... I just love old Yew trees.

Love your prints and the frames look perfect too!

Lou Archell said...

:) x

Karen said...

How is it possible to choose? I totally love all of them however Erin has just told me that as foxes are her third favourite animal I must choose them. All the pictures are GOrGEOUS so I'm happy x
My favourite toys as a child were paper dolls - I had hundreds.
Finally any beach on a slightly stormy day would be my favourite wild place ( is there anything wilder than the sea?) but make that beach in West Cork, Ireland and I will be a very happy woman. X

Natalie's Kitchen Secrets said...

Which of the four prints above would you like to have if you are the lucky winner? The vixen and cubs because i have always loved foxes from childhood, i think in part down to the fantstic mr fox!

2. What was/is your favourite childhood toy and why? (Question stolen from small childs homework)i had a he man castle where the baddie had to sit in a chair and then it would be gunked from above. a boys toy really but i loved it.
3. What/where is your favourite wild place?
the new forest, the beach and sea

Hollis said...

Great prints! Just found your site and love your work!
1. Roosting - very sweet and romantic.
2. Books. My nose was always in one and being an only child, they were a wonderful companion. Still love them, collect them and make my own.
3.Hmmmmm - this is a tough one. My back yard for sure - it's a wild flower / native plant mecca that grows fairly wildly. I love to explore it for new things that seem to pop up daily. And....any place that is serene, isolated and still pristine in this day and age!

juniperspools said...

It's hard to choose but in the end i decided I liks the goat reaching for a tasty leaf.

My favourite toy has to be the kniting Nancy - I spent hours playing with it.

Bluebell woods is my favourite wild place - it is just beautiful.

Kelly said...

what lovely prints - i would think the vixen & her cubs would have to be my favourite,
my favourite toy was my old snoopy {although he was actually an original 'peanuts' one} he was very well loved
my favourite wild place are the woods near me, i spend a lot of time walking the dog there & always feel i'm in the middle of no-where!

Tracey said...

Gosh somehow missed this one, love your prints.
The birdies are my favourite.
My favorite toy was also a snoopy soft toy, still have him, he pretty worn!
My favorite wild place is Sennen Cove!

Charmaine said...

Hello! Just hopped over from Lou's blog.

What a lovely giveaway. My favourite print is vixen and cubs. My favourite toy was a lego cart I made, I used it to transport other toys around the garden :) My favourite wild place is Kynance Cove in Cornwall - windswept and oh so beautiful.

the linen cloud said...

Hi ... just found you via Lou ... your prints are beautiful ...

My favourite is the foxes although it was a difficult decision ...
My favourite toy was a Tiny Tears Doll which my dad found in the attic recently ... she has been taken down dusted off and my little girl will get to play with her ...
My favourite wild place is Five Fingers Strand on the Inishowen Penisula in County Donegal ... so so beautiful and boasts the largest sand dunes in Europe ...

Thanks for the chance to take part in your lovely giveaway ... Bee x

Gill said...

I love the Roosting print!
Fave childhood toy was a knitted mouse made by my mum
Fave wild place is Omey Island off the west coast of Ireland

Sonia said...

Roosting is my favourite although I think they're all brilliant!
My favourite toy was the 'operation' game. I could play it for hours!
My favourite wild place is the rainforest I went to near Cairns, Australia. We were supposed to go out scuba diving but the weather was horrendous, no boats would go out. So we ended up on this rainforest trip with this crazy but fantastic Aussie guide called Barry. It certainly was an experience!

mama sunshine said...

I love the goat, she looks so naughty and makes me smile!
My favourite toy was my Fisher Price school house, complete with 1970s little people. I wish I had it to pass onto my kids now.
My favourite wild place is our local park. It's the largest park in Europe and you can explore it for hours. I have great memories of riding my bike there as a kid, drinking cider and kissing boys as a teenager and chasing my children as an adult!

makey vicky said...

I would like the fox cubs print, (despite having a running battle with a naughty fox who is digging up my flower beds and scratching holes in my lawn every night).
My favourite childhood toy would have to have been the little toy farm that my brother and I had. I was in charge of livestock, he was in charge of machinery. No arguments.
My favourite wild place is the view from North Morte Farm campsite in Devon, looking down to the sea.

Keith said...

Can't resist this. Love them all, but Nanny and Kids gets my vote.

I am going to answer both questions at once. The Gas people laid pipeline through the fields behind our house when I was a kid, and they dug these deep ditches to prevent flooding and I used to climb down into them with my yellow toy digger and spend happy hours rearranging the rivulets for the waterboatmen and may fly larvae and weeds. Odd but idyllic.

Barring that there is a ruined castle at the head of Ansembourg valley in Luxemburg where I could quite happily live out my days.

Elli Moody said...

Ooh, glad I saw this in time! It's got to be Goat reaching for a tasty leaf..
My favourite childhood toy was my panda bear Babe, who I lost at the seaside.. My mum secretly sewed an exact replica of him and posted him to me - I was overjoyed and only found out that he was a different Babe last year! (30 years later..)
My favourite wild place is Putsborough beach in Devon, where we are all always happy!
Love your prints :) x

Janice Ashworth said...

am I in time?

my favourite print is Vixen and cubs and would love to own it.
My favourite toy was my Tressy doll who's hair grew and I would play with it all the time.
The wildest place I have been that I loved was Iceland, I loved the black beaches on stormy cold days and the lave rock landscapes.
I love being by the coast and in this country probably cornwall would be the place I would aim for .

Janice Ashworth said...

You may get this twice at it seems to have lost my first comment
I love the Vixen and cubs and would love to own it
My fav toy was a tressy doll, who's hair grew and I could play with it.
The wildest place I have been and loved was iceland. I loved the black beaches and the lave rock landscape. I love the cost so in this country I would head for Cornwall

Bristol Parenting Cafe said...

Woo hoo, I'm just in time to enter your giveaway. All GORGEOUS prints but Nanny with kids seeing as you've pushed me to choose! My favourite childhood thing isn't really a toy but it would definitely be my tuck box, which I'd arrive at the start of term filled with sweets. My favourite wild place would be the coast of Cornwall, love the sea and wilderness, especially out of high season. Well done on your shops too!

Floor Number Four. said...

Oh I love the goats (must be a greek thing, they remind me of feta cheese and driving around on a greek island, they are everywhere)! So my favorite print is the goat mama with her two little ones! My favorite childhood toy was my three lego astronauts (2white and 1red), the red was the silly one and the other 2 where always on a mission to save him. My favorite wild place is where we choose to take our tent every summer, as long as it is near a nice beach and under a big shade! And love your work! x