Parrots are a feature here at the moment.  The Southbank Arts Trail is coming up this weekend in Bristol and the theme is Pirates and Parrots.   Paper Village, our local arts/craft/everything shop, has been running Parrot making workshops for the last few weeks so that we will all be fully kitted out ready.   

We had to have a go at parrot making, they are so colourful and fabulous.  The person in the family who has a summer birthday (and whose friends are always away on holiday) decided that parrot making would be a great way to spend an 'un-birthday', so we gathered together a group of parrot fans and off we went.  A large flock of multi-coloured parrots took shape.

The parrot who came home with us has spent the last week sitting on a glass egg and after much discussion on the length of sitting time required to hatch a parrots egg, we have discovered that it is only 7 days after all.

The parrots are breeding...


Rainbow Vintage Home said...

Yay! Your parrots are great, well done! I've been meaning to get a couple of these kits, I'm running out of time so this week will have to be parrot making week. :)Rachel x

Keith said...

Very sweet !