First printing session of 2012

Isn't it great to get back to 'real' life after all the partying...or maybe the partying is the real life bit?  It's all so confusing.  Whichever way round it should be, too many parties stop me printing and that starts to make me twitchy after a week or two (or maybe that's all the parties too?  Aaaagh)

Anyway, printing has been done.  Owls have emerged.  If only daylight levels would rise a bit I would take some proper photos and put the 'Running Owls' into my Folksy shop,  but here they are in all their dingy, bloggy glory instead.

This is my companion on my printing table this week and it really is the smelliest plant I have ever had.  That is a good thing, obviously.

Hope you are managing to keep your hat on and the insides of your wellies dry!

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Jennifer Tetlow said...

Lovely owls - can I just ask what the paper is that you are printing on? And do you put your prints through a press, or hand print?