I'm having such a great but busy time at the moment, printing, packaging and delivering.  I'm having another of my phases of feeling VERY strongly about the benefits of art and craft galleries existing in real life (not just online) and the amazing work they do promoting and selling so many artists and makers work.   Some of my galleries have stocked my work for over ten years now and have introduced sooooo many customers to my work in that time, which means I don't have to do too many art markets and fairs out in the cold at this time of year and can quietly get on with printing instead!  And I think another big thing is that I love visiting and discovering all the independent galleries in towns around the country, I find it so exciting...let me know which great galleries are near you too, so that we can all pay a visit.

Enough ranting, but raaaaaaa!  If you can visit an art or craft gallery in a real life shop this week, then do it and even if you only buy a small pottery mouse for £3.50 after spending an hour browsing through all the print racks it can only be a good thing...

(and by the I'm not denying the importance of online selling either because it is the whole set of outlets that let so many artists make a living all around the world)

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Sue Brown said...

Bravo, well said. The people that really irritate me are those that see my work in a gallery, then look me up on line and expect me to sell them work cheaper. I always charge them the sale price as the gallery and forward the commission on, that's if they decide to buy after the disappointment of the same price. The New Brewery Arts in Cirencester is well worth a visit, great cafe too.