aren't people clever?

I taught a beginners lino printing course last weekend and thought I should show you some of the results.  Everyone was a true beginner and they really went for it, with only a few moments of 'blank page' nerves!

Above is a sheet printed with the test pieces of lino, for trying out tools and getting a feel for cutting before tackling the 'real' thing, but don't they all look great printed together.

Then everyone got stuck in and we all managed to have something printed by the end.  Hurrah.  No blood and no tears.

(In case you think I was being incredibly mean and giving the poor students super bumpy paper to print on, these photos are of the prints they made on the walls of the shop.  Yep, they'd printed all the paper, card and tissue and moved onto the walls....it was that kind of workshop)

I'll be running another of these courses at Paper Village in Bristol on 27th November if you are around. Might be useful for those moved to make their own cards etc for that looming day of the year!


Bristol Parenting Cafe said...

They are great - would love to join the next one too!

lou said...

I wanna come to it too! Shall I book with Vicx or you? x

Caroline Lovis (Redneedle) said...

Something I've always wanted to have a go at unfortunately you're too far away. E-class tee hee?

Melanie Wickham said...

It would be extra good fun to have to have some arty bloggers there too - maybe there would be some better photos that way as well!!