showers and sunshine...

We're having such 'April' weather here and it's good because we need the rain and it's making me stay in to do some work instead of being enticed outside by lovely sunshine.  

Us easily distracted types need all things in exactly the right place to actually get to work and stick at it for a whole day - I'm doing a logo for a green building store at the moment and have really been promising it will be ready for far too long!


lou said...

I was soaked today at pickup... bloomin rain. Nice balloon. Lou x

Trish said...

Rain, rain, beautiful rain!
I love your balloon fiesta print.
My 11 year old daughter is obsessed with hot air balloons. We often talk about taking her to Bristol to see the Balloon festival. She would just love it.

Melanie Wickham said...

oh yes, if you can make it, a sunny balloon festival is such great fun - but you have to get up early for the morning ascent, that's half the fun!