Song Thrushes and Tiny Birds - lino prints

Spring is in the air and so i have been making a few new lino prints - the mini-print is called 'Crowd of Tiny Birds' and it's slightly larger friend is 'Song Thrushes'. With all of the Spring activity, nest building, dawn sing songs etc it is hard to make lino prints of anything but birds at the moment and I usually only need the smallest of excuses anyway. Both of these new prints are now listed in my online shop here - and a few others are being carved at the moment too :)


Hedge - new lino print

'Hedge' is a new lino print that I carved during February 2021 - based on a smaller lino printed idea I had a while ago. The idea is to try and avoid a strong focal point and have an image filled with details, like a real hedgerow... Included in the carving are lots of typical Hedge plants and animals - Hawthorn, Blackberry, Cuckoo Pint, Elder etc and hopefully there are lots of little details to discover within the image. I have editioned it as a limited edition of 100 prints, hand burnished onto Somerset Satin paper and it is online here if you would like to take a look and see any more details about it.


New Lino Print - Otter Feast

A new lino print of a trio of hungry otters - well not that hungry as they have a pile of fish to eat. I have only ever seen an otter footprint, never a glimpse of the elusive creature although apparently they do live right here in waterways of Bristol, urban otters! This was a fun little lino print to carve, especially the little pile of fish bones - somehow the perfect subject matter for lino. I have added the Otter Feast to my online shop HERE if you are interested in any more info about it (size, paper etc) so pop over and have a look.


Lovely Bear - lino cut print

A Lovely Bear lino cut ready to send out for Valentines Day this month - lots of my lino prints include retching dogs and fighting cats so this one is a little on it's own in terms of cuteness!! Also very happy to send secret messages in a little card along with the bear :) It is in my online shop just HERE if you would like to take a peek...


Lino Printed Golden Bats

Having a great time printing these little Flappy Bats in gold - they look really striking on black Stonehenge paper and make a really sweet little print.


Tea towels for Autumn fairs - real life and virtual...

Stocked up with a new batch of British Wildlife and Bristol tea towels in these amazing zingy colours - great timing as I have a few dates in the diary for the Autumn in real life and also in virtual life.

I have added them to my ETSY SHOP too if you want to hop over and take a look there - at the moment they are available in Pink, Yellow, Blue, Grey and just a couple of Peach.  Looking forward to seeing which colours are the popular ones this season!  A bright pop of candy pink could be just the thing...

 The Bristol tea towels are going to head off to our local Etsy Pop Up shop this Christmas, but I am sure they will find their way online too before the month is out.


Lino Prints for sale - and Artist Support Pledge news...

Three Foxes at the Disco - lino Print

Lino Prints for Sale

Thanks so much to everyone who has been browsing and buying my lino prints via Etsy and Folksy - it has been fantastic to be able to send them out by using our local Parcel Post Box and know that they are turning up at front doors around the world!  I can't offer any Tracking services at the moment, but everything has made it through so far (with a little patience as shipping times are now longer than we are all used to).

It has been fab to be able to send lino prints directly to people with birthdays or who need a bit of dancing animal cheer too - so I have been writing cards with messages from the sender too...sometimes cryptic, sometimes just really lovely...in a little hand printed card.  What fun.

Artist Support Pledge 

Artists Support Pledge is a great initiative that has been set up recently by Matthew Burrows (mostly on Instagram) which is well worth taking a look at if you are interest in art and craft and want to discover some amazing artists from around the world...and maybe even make a purchase!  I have made a couple...

The idea is to help artists and makers replace the income that is being lost due to the current shut down of art galleries, art fairs, makers markets and also lots of art and craft teaching that artists usually undertake.  Artists pledge works for sale for up to £200 $200 etc and when they have reached £1000 $1000 in sales they pledge to spend £200 $200 themselves on another artists work.  It is creating a small but really dynamic art market and helping lots of creatives get through this tough time.

I have been lucky enough to make sales through the initiative and also therefore some purchases to help other makers navigate this tricky period - really worth taking a look, even if you aren't in position to buy anything as there is some really inspiring work being pledged.