Lino Print fabric designs

I have often thought that some of my lino prints would work well as fabric designs and so have made a couple into repeat patterns and had them printed onto cotton - and I am so happy with it!

In the photo here are 'Pigeons' and 'Stars' - both digitally printed onto 156 gsm cotton in the UK, so fully washable and a great fabric weight for lots of different types of sewing project.

I have hand printed fabric with lino blocks several times and it can be great fun, but it is really time consuming and so makes the fabric more expensive (quite rightly as it takes a while!).  I hand printed my bedroom curtains with big birds and I love them so it was completely worth the process.

As these fabrics have been digitally printed I can have much larger quantities and so I have listed them in my ETSY shop if you fancy taking a peek.

I have no idea what projects might suggest themselves using this fabric (I am up for trying lampshades and PJ's first) so have listed a few different lengths as options to buy, but am really up for suggestions of what sizes of fabric would be useful...

Below is an amazing set of coin purses made by JoeJoeHandmade using my Pigeon fabric and I think they are just fab!  I love the contrast of the black and white with the zingy zippers.

I am really excited to see what else these fabrics turn into in the future!  Pigeons everywhere....


Ink Paper + Print at the Towner Gallery

I am so excited to be heading off to Ink Paper + Print on 21-22nd September - being held at the Towner Gallery  in Eastbourne the line up of illustrators, print makers and artists is amazing (and me, gulp!)

I will bring along my usual basket of lino prints, including a few new ones - like these Baby Tapirs - and also tea towels, tote bags, fabric, handmade purses and lampshades - would be lovely to say hello if you are passing by.


Greetings Cards

Great to get another delivery of my cards from ARTPRESS recently - including the new Christmas Card, yipee!

I'm so happy to have my lino prints on their lovely cards and it is great fun looking out for them in shops/galleries/museums as I travel around the country.  Do let me know if you spot any out in the wild...


September exhbition

After a summer break and then a lot of beetle carving it is time for a show - really excited to be part of an art exhibition called NATURAL HABITATS in Bristol at The Malago on North Street. 

It has been organised by TRIBE AISTHETICA and there rare three of us showing nature inspired work, so definitely worth popping in if you are in Bristol.

I have several pieces based on drawings of birds and beetles I have made in Bristol Museum, where I have been lucky enough to spend time in the stores with some of the amazing collections held there.  The beetles are mostly burying beetles and it has been fascinating studying them so closely.

The show runs 2nd September - 6th October if you fancy calling in.


Lino print sort out!

I have spent the last few days having a studio sort out - always a dangerous task to start as who knows what will be unearthed in the process.

These Seagulls have re-appeared from the bottom of the lino print drawer.

Lots of unfinished lino blocks too, all asking for a bit of attention....


Summer Lino Printing Workshop in Bristol

It's workshop time!

Always exciting - if you are based in Bristol then pop 18th August in your diary - Nature inspired lino printing...

Everything you need provided, including a lot of nature finds as inspiration - no previous experience or arty skills needed - we will print the designs onto cards, bunting, stationary and fancy printing paper - here is the link if you fancy booking in


Puffin lino print - work in progress

Starting to plan a big flock of Puffins...
Smaller flocks will also be printed - I am just going to have a warm-up session of Puffin lino cutting to see how they come out before going for the huge one!

I went to see Puffins on the Farne Isles in June and it was amazing, totally overwhelming to spend an hour on their island and watch and draw them.  It was too early for Pufflings but the parents were busy.

I am trying to show their brilliant flappy flight in the way I draw them, so hopefully that will work out too as the drawing progresses....

I always draw my designs out on paper first before l transfer it to the lino block using tracing paper.  It can take a while for a large lino block but I love drawing so would hate to miss that stage out.  I know some people draw straight onto the block or just carve, but that is not for me!